Mistress Sadie - an elite London Mistress

Mistress Sadie, once lost, a female descendant of the Queen of Bohemia & a Dark Nevisian slave; a suffragette; Joan of Arc; Boadicea; is now most certainly found and here to claim by rights that which is Hers - power!

Cold, remote and aloof (if Mistress Sadie chooses to break the ice then lively conversation may ensue) or a dry wit with an authoritative classic air about Her person, whenever you may be in Mistress Sadie's presence She is first and foremost both a true Domme and a natural sadist. In private - woe betide you Her potential slut.

London Mistress Sadie | Elite Companion

Mistress Sadie's history

Mistress Sadie's requirements of you

An English Mistress born and bred, Mistress Sadie's accent is cut glass and She is an entertaining and articulate conversationalist: as stated by those who have previously experienced Her company.

As a Domme Mistress Sadie sees Herself as an artisan. Mistress Sadie specialises in many areas and takes Her lifestyle seriously: for Mistress Sadie, BDSM and the fetish indulgence is an art unto itself - something which She has learnt over some years since Her teens; although She has not been a Domme for all of them (years).

Mistress Sadie also operates with Mistresses - Miss Davenshaw & Mistress Litha: and subs.

Disclaimer: Text/grammatical mistakes, known to have occurred through webslave, to be reported immediately to Ms Sadie. ©Mistress Sadie 2008